Georgia Chapter Committees

You can get the most out of your Georgia Chapter membership by getting involved! Volunteers are an integral part of our chapter. Our chapter depends on volunteers to serve on committees, as well as to plan and run special events. If you would like to become involved with any of these committees, please follow this link to our chapter Committee Volunteer Form (PDF).  


SOCIAL MEDIA COMMITTEE | This committee will plan social media promotions and work out the logistics, providing material support needed to the chapter’s professional social media consultant to create content


DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION COMMITTEE | This is a new committee whose first task will be to define the work of the committee. General expectations include researching and advising the board of directors on evidence-based approaches to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in our events, behind the scenes work, and membership.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE | This committee has great opportunities this year! While in person classes and seminars are limited- webinars and online gatherings allow for more frequent and affordable education opportunities for our members. As a committee member you will have input on upcoming topics and engaging leaders as well as help organize logistics and gather our membership in a meaningful way. The types of events will be of professional interest to the membership, so will include “roundtable” panel discussions, Continuing Education Units for maintaining professional licensure and ASID status.


STUDENT EVENTS COMMITTEE | This committee plans and organizes the two main events for students each year, which happen usually between January to March. They include a Student Day traditionally hosted at ADAC which includes a design charrette, panel discussion with professionals, and showroom tours; and a Portfolio Review event which gives student designers the ability to receive feedback on their portfolios and general interviewing advice from professionals who interview and hire in the industry.   


EMERGING PROFESSIONALS COMMITTEE | This committee plans social and educational events with content specifically of interest to those members who are in the first five years of their professional career. The annual Amplify event features discussions from firm leaders on getting noticed, making a good impression, and advancing your career, including professional licensure. Happy hours and a celebration for new graduates also fill out the year.


MAJOR EVENTS COMMITTEE | Committee members on either of these two committees will help plan and produce all aspects of this year’s annual “anchor” events. There will be a virtual approach to our popular Storytellers series this year, which will be the winter holidays’ main event.  Storytellers historically is similar to a Pecha-Kucha type presentation, where well known industry professionals share images and tells a story to the attendees about what inspires them. The format will be reimagined for the virtual viewer this year. The annual Design Excellence Awards typically occurs in late spring or early summer, and will need to be conceptualized and implemented with sensitivity regarding state of the COVID-19 health crisis in the country at the time it occurs.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE | Committee members typically work on their own with direction from the Membership Director. The type of work involved may include sending handwritten invitations to new members or thank you notes to featured event speakers, attend student days at universities around the state to share ASID with potential new student members, or other similar work.