If you are interested in joining the Georgia Chapter Board of Directors, please fill out Candidate Application below. Please fill out completely and list all items in chronological order with the most recent placed first. For all ASID activities, list both the activity and the year(s) served, within the last 10 years only. A brief description of Board responsibilities can be found here. For questions or more information please contact Keigh Hamilton, Chapter Administrator at


I affirm that I meet the minimum eligibility requirements, or have received a special dispensation, to serve on an ASID chapter board in the position for which I am being considered. I affirm I have not received a reprimand, censure, or have had my membership suspended as a result of action by a Disciplinary Committee. I further understand that should these events occur while in office, I shall thereafter be permanently precluded from holding elected office in the Society or in any of its chapters. If elected to the chapter board of directors I will, at all times, act solely in the best interests of the Society, the chapter and its members, and will exercise my duties in compliance with the Society’s Bylaws, Policies, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, Legislative Policy, and the operational policies of the chapter. I understand that among other obligations I will have as a board member are the obligations of fiduciary duties of care, loyalty and obedience, all of which have been explained and/or made available to me. Among those duties are the obligations to (i) disclose any potential personal conflict of interest I may have in regard to any proposed chapter action or activity, and (ii) maintain the confidentiality of board discussions held within meetings and not disclose decisions made by board, until such time as the chapter’s president has determined to disclose such decisions.
The Chapter requires a recent photo of no more than one-year old.